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Wireless Car Charger - 15W

15W Fast Charging Wireless Car Charger, Air Vent / Windscreen Mount Phone Holder. 


Fast Charging 15W Wireless Car Charger

Up to 15W fast charging for QI compatible devices. The car charger is also able to charge non-wirelessly by using the supplied complimentary magnetic tips with the charger. The car charger can be mounted on the air vent, and with the suction cup it can also be mounted on the windscreen


Ease of access

Automatic locking allows you to place your phone directly onto the charger and it will automatically close to hold the phone in place. By activating the touch sensor, the arms will open so that you can take your phone out from the holder when your journey is over. To connect the charger to the phone, simply attach the USB cable to the back of the charging port


Light and sleek design

Weighing around 177g, this lightweight charger is made of polycarbonate that makes it portable to carry around as well as placed in the car when charging. With anti-shake guard, there is a 90% stability improvement. The charger has stepped silicone that protects the phone from scratches. With 360° rotation, the charger allows you to view your phone in any orientation, as well as 180° tilt up and down. The compact, smaller design means minimal vent air is blocked, reducing the obstruction of air conditioning


Safety features

Equipped with protection for overheating, short circuiting, over-current and over-voltage, as well as being made of fireproof material, the car charger will keep you and your devices safe while in use

Wireless Car Charger - 15W

£22.95 Regular Price
£16.07Sale Price
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